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Jiangsu Zhongxin Sanitary Products Co., Ltd is located in the Jiangsu Jinhu Economic Development Zone, a provincial-level economic development zone. The company adheres to the concept of high starting point and high standards, with an initial investment of 200 million yuan. It plans to build the Zhongxin Health Products Intelligent Industrial Park in 2023, with a standardized factory building of 30000 square meters, a high-level purification workshop of 5000 square meters, and an intelligent warehousing and logistics system of 10000 square meters. It is equipped with 12 fully servo automated production lines for personal hygiene and health care products for women, children, and adults, with an annual sales output value of 1 billion yuan.Company product category coverage: Adult series: Women's sanitary pants, adult pull-up pants, mild incontinence pants, care pads, and refreshing pads (men's sanitary napkins); Baby series: baby diapers, baby pullup pants; Pet series: pet pants, pet pads; Disposable sanitary products: disposable underwear for men/women/ infants and children;

Foshan Zhongxin Sanitary Products Co., Ltd is a hightech sanitary products manufacturing company integrating production and research and development. The company was established in April 2018. Committed to the R & D and production of baby, adult, women, and household hygiene products, the company focuses on professional manufacturing, with the concept of providing services for health and quality of life. The company’s products use high-tech technology, with high standards and high quality. Based on health and hygiene products, we can provide customers and consumers with high-quality services and provide differentiated product solutions. The company’s main products are infant, women’s and adult hygiene products. The product categories cover: women’s pant sanitary napkins, adult incontinence pants, nursing mattresses, baby diapers, baby pull-up pants, baby diapers, etc.

    Foshan Zhongxin Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.   is located in Sanshui Industrial Park, Foshan City, a provincial economic development zone. The initial investment is 100 million yuan. In 2019, it is planned to equip 7 full-servo automated production lines with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan. The company has standardized Plants, standardized laboratories, standardized microbiological testing rooms, strictly control product quality in accordance with high standards, and help customers design and judge product levels. Zhongxin Company establishes safety, quality, cost, and environmental management systems in accordance with international company standards, and is determined to be a global First-class manufacturing plant. With high-quality service, high-quality products and competitive costs, we will create value for customers and serve consumers.     

    Foshan Zhongxin Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is peopleoriented and continues to innovate, gathering various elites and talents in the industry. Has rich experience in product design, process innovation and production management. The team has clear goals and strong cohesion, and is always ready to provide customers and consumers with comprehensive product solutions.


The company is equipped with 15 automatic production lines


Annual production and sales value can reach 14 billion RMB


Oversized production plant area of about 64,900 square meters

Production Workshop
Over 64900 square meters of super large factory area

National standardized production workshopNational Standards for Standard Laboratories
Standard Microbiological Laboratory
Inspection certificate

Inspection certificate





Jiangsu Zhongxin Sanitary Products Co., Ltd

Tel: +86 13709315681

E-mail: Sales@zxsanitary.com

Office Address: No.271 Lishi Avenue, Jinhu County,Huai'an City

Jiangsu Province, China

Foshan Zhongxin Sanitary Products Co., Ltd

Service Hotline:+86 0757 8726 3506
Same phone WeChat account: +86 13709315681

E-mail: Linny@zxsanitary.com

Office Address: No. 16, South of Qili Avenue, Leping Town

Sanshui District,Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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